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VSMultiSet (Virtual Software Multi Settings) v1.0 (Freeware)

I found the developer blues again, so here goes:

VSMultiSet (Virtual Software Multi Settings) v1.0 (Freeware)

What does it do?

It can make 2 settings for you in ALL the virtual software layers you own or want to implement (e.g. logonscript etc...)

1. AutoClosEnable / AutoCloseDisable

When a virtual software layer is deactivated the virtual software driver tries to close any running executable properly.

Sometimes (mostly when shutting down the machine) it fails to do that, and it leaves (non-virtualized) rubbish behind (Files/Registry).

By setting the AutoClose value to enabled and it will try to do this in a certain time frame, and when the executable isn't closed, it will be killed.

Think about the following situation:

You've implemented a lot of Virtual Software in your corporate environment, and you're just now reading this article!

Oh My, this explains issues we have with certain layers :)

Now use this executable to rectify this and set your new layers properly in the future.

2. AutoCloseTimeout

The above mentioned enabling of the AutoCloseEnable has also a possibility to set its duration of the time-out.

Default is 30 seconds, with this setting you can set it to a lower time-out.

3. Usage:

This is a commandline tool (no installation required)

VSMultiSet /? :Shows the information below.
VSMultiSet AutoCloseEnabled :Enable Autoclose for all your Layers.
VSMultiSet AutoCloseDisabled :Disable Autoclose for all your Layers.
VSMultiSet AutoCloseTimeout:10 :Set Autoclose Timeout for all your Layers.
4. Requirements:

Microsoft Windows (2000/XP/Vista)
Microsoft DOT NET Framework V2.0
Altiris Software Virtualization Solution / Symantec Workstation Virtualization

Have Fun with it, FrankB

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