SVS + Thinapp

 Hi everybody.

I have used SVS for years now, especially in association with Vmware ThinApp.

The two cool progs together allow me to virtually install an application and use the process to make the software portable with the ThinApp capture.

When all is done I simply deactivate the virtual layer and test the portable app. If everything works properly I can delete the layer and use my brand new portable app wherever I need it.

Marvellous experience!


SVS + Thinapp ?

Whats the advantage of using SVS & Thinapp together?    I just use Thinapp (running on a clean install of XP  in VirtualPC) by itself to capture a program and make it portable.



SVS + ThinApp >= virtualPC + ThinApp

grahamw: Well, using SVS and ThinApp just means you don't have to use VirtualPC and ThinApp.  Things run faster with the least amount of virtualization anyway so the SVS/ThinApp combo should be a more pleasant (speedwise) experience.

Does anyone have experience/know if there are any known conflicts or issues when running SVS and ThinApp on the same machine?  Any quirks when using the two in unison?


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