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SVS 2.1 SP2 beta now available!

OS: It's supporting Server 2008 and Vista SP1 with this release (still no capture on either)

SVSAdmin: You can now Import multiple VSAs at a time (it's a queu).

SVS Multi Import

Just installed the SVS Agent?
Do you want to import several Layers?
You don't like to do them one by one?

Use SVS Multi Import.

SVS Multi Export

Is it time to cleanup your computer?
Do you need several layers exported?
Don't want to do this one by one?
Are you upgrading your agent?

Portable Import

Portable Import is a tool to import Virtual Archives into SvS.

SVS Multi Tool V1.5

Do you want to make (hidden) settings in SVS? This is the perfect tool for it.

AAConsole - The Full Story

This article explains the features and usage of the AAConsole. Download below.

Welcome to...

The All New: SVS4All of You
This site took several weeks of work (in my offtime) to create/configure & test.
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