The Tools, Addons & Virtual Layers

Below is a list with all the tools created for SVS.

SVS Addons

  • (A)lternative SVS (A)dministration Console (AAConsole) - A very extensive Console to complement the Software Virtual Solution.

  • Layer Times - Schedule your Layer to Activate or Deactivate Whenever you want.

  • Multi Move V1.0 (U3 & Normal Version) - This tool enables you to move your virtual layer repository.

  • Portable Import - Import all your layers from any media.

  • Slim Layer Export V1.3 (U3 & Normal Version) - Export Clean layers without any user information.

  • SVS Multi Export - Export all your layers in one move.

  • SVS Multi Import - Import all your layers in one move.

  • SVS Multi Tool - Make settings in SVS or your layers that are usually hidden.

  • Virtual Applications

  • 360 Desktop - Change your Desktop in a complete 360 Desktop with many features.

  • Core FTP Lite Edition 1.3c - A simple but very effective FTP client.

  • Codec Pack - All In One - A collection of codecs for playing DivX movies. All you need to see DivX movies: DivX, XviD, AC3...

  • AlwaysSync V8.2.5 - Allway Sync is free file and folder synchronization software for Windows.

  • Adobe acrobat Reader V8.12 NL - Adobe Reader allows more securely view, print, search, sign, verify, and collaborate on PDF documents.

  • Warzone 2100 - A real-time action and strategy game set on Earth in the 22nd century.

  • SVS4All RSS Feed Reader - RSS Feed Reader with interesting SVS Feeds preconfigured.

  • Yodm 3D - Yet anOther Desktop 3D - Cool 3d Desktop Manager (a must have).

  • Process Lasso - Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC's responsiveness.

  • MP3tag - Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio.

  • VLC Media Player - Powerfull Windows Media Player Replacement.

  • Virtual Software Agent

  • Software Virtual Solution Agent - The agent you need to use all this Virtual Software (Free).

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