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Ten SVS Tutorials [updated]

These are Ten (10) tutorials about SVS. Yes there are 10 now. They will show you how SVS works, and what benefits you'll have from it. Keep an eye on this thread as there are Tutorials added frequently!

These tutorials are not as professional as you'll see somewhere else, but they are made for you. These tutorials will show everything from the very beginning, they are shown from a virtual machine, this is the starting point for every machine which is going to use the SVS Agent.

01. Download the SVS Client

This first one will shown you how to download the SVS Client.









02. Install the SVS Client

Here you'll be show how to Install the SVS Agent.
Don't forget to save you license key on a safe place when finished installing.









03. Settings

After installing you'll need to make settings:









04. Data Layers

Creating a Data layer, The most underestimated part of SVS, see here what the benefits are, and be convinced to use it in your environment. Think about this, an enduser needs a new image, and with importing his Data Layer you'll save a whole day of inactivity because the enduser needs this time to set his desktop as he/she is used to. Or when you need to re-install your own computer, this will also save you an whole day.









05. Virtualizing the dot Net Framework

Virtualizing the dot Net Framework seems to be an issue, have a look at this and you'll see it isn't the case at all!









06. Virtualizing Firefox 3

Virtualizing your first application, Firefox 3, see how simple it is!









07. The Advantages

Normally you'll see the advantages of an application first, now you'll see why you did all these actions from the pervious Tutorials.









08. Virtualizing 2 or more Apps in 1 Layer

Some times I get the question on how to add 2 applications in 1 Layer, view this Tutorial on how this is done.









09. Firefox and Addons

Firefox & Addons, can they be virtualized together? Yes they can.









10. Virtualizing iTunes

Virtualizing iTunes is not the simplest thing to do, after this tutorial it will be.









Feel free to comment in this.

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