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SVS Multi Tool V1.5

Do you want to make (hidden) settings in SVS? This is the perfect tool for it.

SVS Multi Tool v1.5

Added: Add you comments to the layer, they are Version, Author, Company and Notes.

SVS Multi Tool v1.4

A Collection of SVS Settings and Tools in one, they are:

1. Multi Import
 Import several VSA's in one time.

2. Multi Export
 Export several VSA's in one time.

3. VSA Settings
 Auto Close Apps
 AutoStart Layer
 Disable Layer
 Add the Excludes: [CACHE]
     And Many Many More!

4. SVS Settings
 Export VSA Compression
 Display Layer Redirect
 Hide Redirect Area

5. More Settings
 Default Redirect Move
 Configurable Onpre and OnPost Settings

6. New Guid
 Create/Implement New Guid

7. De-Reactivate
 Deactivate or (re)Activate several layer in one time.
 This is something special, lots of you have datalayers
 that contain data of running programs, this is because when
 a new version of a program arrives the datalayer doesn't have
 to be touched when the application has to be captured.
 So it is vital that When all the active layers are deactivated
 the datalayers are deactivated last, this is the case here, this
 goes also when you re-active them, the datalayers are activated first.

I'm open for more suggestions you would like to see added.

Have a lot of Virtual Fun, FrankB


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