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AAConsole Golden Oldies

These are the editions we've written in Visual Basic 6.
They are still 100% functional together with SVS, but are lacking features as shown in the AAConsole written in VB.NET.

Version 3.4
Added: MultiExport, you can now export several Layers at once.
Added: AA Console detects changes now, if something is done outside AA Console it will detect that and show the changes made to the Layers.
Fixed: The Change Uninstall form didn't show correctly if an application contained more then 1 uninstall string.
Fixed: Faster show, when the application shows itself (either first start of brought to the front) it does this 10 times faster.
Fixed: When maximized the window will fit as normal on screen, this was not the case in the past.

Version 3.3
Changed: From now on AA Console won't use the registry to write his own settings anymore, it uses an INI file now. This makes it possible to use it from external media like USB etc... if requirements are fulfilled.
Added: After extensive, and I mean extensive typing I've written a Help File, Press F1 when AA Console has started.
Added: Automatic Update Feature, whenever a newer version is released, AA Console will notify you and give you the option to go to this page.
Fixed: The Export Function didn't work anymore.
Added: Last but not least, I've rewritten AA Console (again) to support external medias so it was inevitable that I needed to create a U3 Edition. So download the Edition you like :)

Version 3.2
Added: No need for EasyExcluder anymore, Create Excludes for every Layer with AA Console.

Version 3.1
Added: Tooltip to show which dependencies are on a Layer.
Fixed: Crash on some machines during startup.
Added: Skins on all other windows within AA Console.

Update 3.0:
Added: Dependencies

Update v2.5.2
Added: Capability to set the Auto Close Timeout.
Added: 'Exit' in Tray Menu.
Fixed: Crash when AA Console was closed.
Added: Column which displays Auto Close Timout.
Added: Auto Close Timeout Functionality to AdminConsole Dynamic Link Library.
Fixed: When hiding a column the setting wasn't saved, it was saved at program closure, changed this behaviour.

Update v2.5.1
Changed: Faster Global bytes Detection.
Added: Possibility to disable Global Bytes Detection.
Added: Check if SVS agent is installed and licensed.
Added: Exit to Tray, when one clicks on the 'X' then it minimizes to the clock area (Configurable)

Update v2.5 (Gold Edition)
Changed: Reading all the Sizes (Files/Folders/Dirs) won't be noticable anymore.
Changed: View Columns to Select Columns
Changed: View Details to Select Details
Changed: New Skin, looks better and works better in Vista
New: All setups (from now on) are Full and Updates, this means that the new version can be installed over the old version, or can be installed as a new

Update v2.4:
Added: Size of Read Only Bytes
Added: Size of Read Only Files
Added: Size of Read Only Folder
Added: Size of Read Write Bytes
Added: Size of Read Write Files
Added: Size of Read Write Folders
Added: Size of All Layers in Total
Added: Selectable Details View
New: Smashing GUI

Update v2.3:
Added: Capability to change the Uninstall display in the Add\Remove window.

Update V2.2:
New: Double-click to activate or deactivate a layer.

Update v2.1:
New: It is now fully compatibility with Vista® Speech Recognition. When the Speech Regognition is configured and trained, the Alternate Admin Console can be controlled completely by voice.
After Alternate Admin Console is installed saying: "Open AA Console".
When you want to activate a layer Adobe Acrobat, for example, then say: "Press A".
To get the menu to deactivate or activate then say: "Press Space".
Now you see the regular menu options you get when you right click on the Layer.
When you want to activate layer then say: "Activate layer"
What ever shows in the menu you can speak it out aloud.
Fixed: The rightclick Set to Autostart didn't show the change, even when it was changed.

Update v2.0:
COMPLETLY written from scratch, and I truly mean from scratch in Vista®.
More stable, doesn't lose focus when something is selected in console.
100% compatible with Windows® 2000 (SP4 - Server/Workstation) & Windows® 2003 & Windows® XP (SP2) and finally Windows® Vista.
New: Created a custom activex dll for this application, this makes every action 10 times faster, no use to try to use this activex dll in your programs, it is protected to be used only by this application.
Fixed: A few little things about the GUI.
Fixed: The icon in the tray can now also be clicked with the left mouse button.
Fixed: The size of the form is saved when closed, this didn't work correctly when minimized.

Update V1.3:
Now remote desktop aware.

Update V1.2:
Added: Information on layers when clicked.
New: Revamped the GUI.
New: Recoded so that it also works within Windows Vista.

Update V1.1:
Fixed: The issue when a 'Cancel' was chosen when exporting a layer.
Added: Automatically detect changes when a layer is Removed/Added or Activated/Deactivated outside this application.
Added: Minimize to Tray.

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