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New: SWV 6.1.5114 & Download

This article contains a list of the issues fixed in this maintenence pack.

Resolved Issues:

01. An active layer allows users to make changes to the registry.
02. UAC-enabled applications may not run properly when virtualized.
03. User SID areas not created in layer.
04. Potential bluescreen when uninstalling SWV 6.1 prior to upgrading to SWV 6.1 SP1
05. Folders added to layer in SWV Admin are visible but not accessible.
06. ProductKey registration key is not saved in the registry during some installs.
07. Potential bluescreen on IBM T61 or T400.
08. Folders captured via data layers disappear upon re-activating the layer.
09. Layers can become corrupt when manually adding a registry key or changing a folder name in the Layer Properties window.
10. Logging TS users off while other users are logging on can cause a bluescreen with Windows Server 2003.
11. Files created in existing layer as a new user are being placed in wrong variablized path.
12. Creating a directory in Capture Mode creates the directory in the base and not the layer.
13. User logon might fail when too many environment variables are set.

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