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NEW: My Virtual Software Archives Archive [Updated]

Over time you'll create a lot of Virtual Software Archives.

And you store them all over your computer (I do).

A few moths later you're wondering where you left that VSA, well that is where you use:


My Virtual Software Archives Archive

comes in.


Click the Image to see a movie about it.





















New: Copy VSA to Favorite Folder
New: Move VSA to favorite Folder
New: Move ALL VSA's to Favorite Folder
New: Option to Cancel long term actions


Fix: Fixed an issue with older VSA, they sometimes don't have the required information.
Fix: The compression level of the layer could cause issues.

CRC-32: 0c391432
MD4: 1ca714a09b33ffdcfe728b1a9ed02ab2
MD5: 3452dc7449beaffcb3550fdfb497a0f2
SHA-1: 38221affab06eee7cd1c56945df314ec834d9394








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