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New: Easy Excluder (SWV Edition) [Update]

Here is a new tool in a (as we suspect) a collection of tools to ease the work of you or any Sysadmin in the use of SWV.

Version 1.12.17 is available.

Why Excludes?

Excludes are either paths or file extensions you can exclude from a layer so the Layer won't virtualize the part that is either saved in a directory or saved as an certain file extension.

Excludes are in 2 flavors:

1. Layer Excludes

2. Global Excludes

1. Layer Excludes are specifically targeted to a single layer, and Easy Excluder is focussed in that part.

2. Global Excludes are meant for all the Layers, sometimes this is better, but for the most part the per Layer setting is better (this is my personal opinion, this could differ per person)

Easy Excluder makes life simpler, it works as follows:

You pick a Layer you check the excludes and you Click Save!


Even better, just hover over a Path Exclude and it will show you where that Path Exclude points to.

Is there a catch?

Yes, The Small Guy, the home user is able to use this as freeware, the Big Guy, the corporate user has to pay a small fee per computer where the tool is to be used on.


SWV 6.1x

.NET Framework 2.0 (SP1)

Download it below to stabilize your Virtual Application Experience.




Oh, did I mention it? No Installer, Simply Unpack and Enjoy.

Update: Added extra Check to make it possible to choose non existing Disks to Exclude.


Win 7


sorry to say


the extension tab

not working in win 7 on my computer

old version works fine




Hi Tobias,

This is strange, as the screenshots you see is Windows 7 with SWV 6.3.2046.

So it is really working in Windows 7. (as shown)

Is there a difference between your and my setup? e.g. OS or SWV version?




overlooked it

sorry i overlooked this post

a late reply

Of course all is working fine.

Thanks !



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