Virtual Application

App-V: Firefox

 It's called App-V from Microsoft.

My Virtual Software Archive (Preview)

 Here's what I'm thinking:







The first tab shows your own custom information, the second tab shows the information from the VSA file. (Read Only)

VSA: Axence NetTools Pro 4

Free network diagnostics & host monitoring

NetTools is a free and comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface.

Error 1042 with Activating a Layer in SWV 6.1 RC

I just had this error and it seems to be related to the SWV 6.1 RC1.

I'm a fan of the RSS Feed Reader Greatnews (Freeware) and it didn't Activate anymore.

AAConsole Golden Oldies

These are the editions we've written in Visual Basic 6.
They are still 100% functional together with SVS, but are lacking features as shown in the AAConsole written in VB.NET.

The Tools, Addons & Virtual Layers

Below is a list with all the tools created for SVS.

Multi Move V1.0 (U3 & Normal Version)

Made an mistake, and kept the Virtual Storage on you C: Drive?
Is that drive getting to small?

Move your Virtual Applications to a bigger Drive with Multi Move.

What does it do?

Slim Layer Export V1.3 (U3 & Normal Version)

Portable Slim Layer Exporter

Don't you have Virtual Application you want to share wth your friends or colleagues?
But your not sure if any private information is given to them also?

Don't you want to distibute your layers to your environment in a clean state?
Make them smaller to ensure lower bandwidth usage?

Did you just Capture a new Virtual Application, and you want a clean export?

Here's your solution;

360 Desktop

This is a Application I have seen that is really worthed.

An Desktop that turns 360 Degrees, absolutly cool.

360 Desktop gives your desktop a life!

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