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Tips & Tricks

SWV & Microsoft Security Essentials

 As we know, and maybe you might not, SWV is a filter driver, see that as a layer hanging above your hard disk that monitors read and write actions.

An antivirus solution works the same, this could cause a collision between SWV and any other AV Solution.

SWV has something build in to circumvent this;

SVS + Thinapp

 Hi everybody.

I have used SVS for years now, especially in association with Vmware ThinApp.

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Ten SVS Tutorials [updated]

These are Ten (10) tutorials about SVS. Yes there are 10 now. They will show you how SVS works, and what benefits you'll have from it. Keep an eye on this thread as there are Tutorials added frequently!

Error 1042 with Activating a Layer in SWV 6.1 RC

I just had this error and it seems to be related to the SWV 6.1 RC1.

I'm a fan of the RSS Feed Reader Greatnews (Freeware) and it didn't Activate anymore.

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