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SVS Applications

Download SWV Clients [Updated]

Here is the place all version(s) we could obtain of SWV (Symantec Workspace Virtualization).

If you have a version not in this list, please contact us.

New: Easy Excluder (SWV Edition) [Update]

Here is a new tool in a (as we suspect) a collection of tools to ease the work of you or any Sysadmin in the use of SWV.

Version 1.12.17 is available.

New: A(lternative) A(dministration) C(onsole) - SWV Edition

The A(lternative) A(dministration C(onsole) (SWV Edition)

What does it do?

My Virtual Software Archive (Preview)

 Here's what I'm thinking:







The first tab shows your own custom information, the second tab shows the information from the VSA file. (Read Only)

AAConsole (SWV Edition) as it Grows: [Updated]

 AAConsole (SWV Edition) is an ever growing application, we're releasing a new tutorial everytime we add new functionality, so have a look what we prepared for you today;

All New SWV Tutorial(s)

This will be an ever growing list of Tutorials based on SWV, any help will be appreciated, just contact me.

AAConsole (SWV Edition)

It happened, it started!

New: SWV 6.1.5114 & Download

This article contains a list of the issues fixed in this maintenence pack.

New: (Portable) Slim Layer Exporter V1.4

Quickly export many Layers from a machine in a single click with any compression you like.
Ans also portable to, what are the odds :)

Symantec Workspace Virtualization 6.1 SP1 Release Notes & Download

Build number 6.1.5104

Symantec Workspace Virtualization was previously released as Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™.

VSA: Axence NetTools Pro 4

Free network diagnostics & host monitoring

NetTools is a free and comprehensive set of host monitoring, network scanning, security and administration tools, all with a highly intuitive user interface.

VSA: Mp3Tag V2.44

Mp3tag is a powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of common audio formats where it supports ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags.

What is SVW, and what happened to SVS?

Remember way back, when the good old SVS (Software Virtualization Solution) of Altiris existed?
That cool application with which you could virtualize your applications, and keep your Windows machine in mint condition?

It's Back...

Download the SWV Client (Formerly Known as SVS)

Symantec Workspace Virtualization is a revolutionary approach to software management.

It lets you put applications and data into managed units called Virtual Software Packages (VSPs). When you put an application into a VSP, you completely avoid conflicts between the application and other applications installed on a computer. You can also instantly activate, deactivate, or reset the application. If an application is broken, you can reset it to return it to its original state. Does that sound cool? IT IS, IT REALLY IS!!

VSMultiSet (Virtual Software Multi Settings) v1.0 (Freeware)

I found the developer blues again, so here goes:

VSMultiSet (Virtual Software Multi Settings) v1.0 (Freeware)

What does it do?

Error 1042 with Activating a Layer in SWV 6.1 RC

I just had this error and it seems to be related to the SWV 6.1 RC1.

I'm a fan of the RSS Feed Reader Greatnews (Freeware) and it didn't Activate anymore.

New SVS Maintenance Pack Now Available

The following issues are fixed or improved:

An issue causing decreased performance when SVS is installed on the same system as Cisco Security Agent has been fixed.

An issue causing the path to the SVS driver (FSLX.SYS) to become corrupted has been fixed.

Yod'm 3D - Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D v1.4

Yod'm 3D - Yet anOther Desktop Manager 3D

A virtual desktop manager that features a 3d cube effect workspace changer.

AAConsole Icons

These are the first batch donated for the usage with AAConsole.

AAConsole Golden Oldies

These are the editions we've written in Visual Basic 6.
They are still 100% functional together with SVS, but are lacking features as shown in the AAConsole written in VB.NET.

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