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Download SWV Clients [Updated]

Here is the place all version(s) we could obtain of SWV (Symantec Workspace Virtualization).

If you have a version not in this list, please contact us.

Portable Total Commander (All Versions)


I'm a big fan of Total Commander (
I'm using this program since Windows 3.11, and it improves several times a year.
Using it portable requires some settings, and to do this everytime is a lot of work.
Copy StartTCMD.exe in the same directory as Total Commander, and from now on run this to start Total Commander.
What does it do?

Portable AutoIT

I'm a big fan of AutoIT (
It means less code but more powerfull standalone programs.
But hey, I want to use it portable, but hey, I made a program for that.
This executable is free to use.

What it does:

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop in Taskbar


I've created 2 small apps, both to be used in your taksbar in Windows 10.
To switch between Virtual Desktop you have to use Win+Control+Left or right.
That is a 2 hands action, I do not

Tray Info v1.5.5.1507

Sometimes the helpdesk needs to now either computer name or ipadres.
And most of the times the machines are restricted..

New: Easy Excluder (SWV Edition) [Update]

Here is a new tool in a (as we suspect) a collection of tools to ease the work of you or any Sysadmin in the use of SWV.

Version 1.12.17 is available.

New: A(lternative) A(dministration) C(onsole) - SWV Edition

The A(lternative) A(dministration C(onsole) (SWV Edition)

What does it do?

How many applications did you Virtualize?

NEW: My Virtual Software Archives Archive [Updated]

Over time you'll create a lot of Virtual Software Archives.

And you store them all over your computer (I do).

A few moths later you're wondering where you left that VSA, well that is where you use:


My Virtual Software Archives Archive

comes in.

AAConsole (SWV Edition) as it Grows: [Updated]

 AAConsole (SWV Edition) is an ever growing application, we're releasing a new tutorial everytime we add new functionality, so have a look what we prepared for you today;

SWV & Microsoft Security Essentials

 As we know, and maybe you might not, SWV is a filter driver, see that as a layer hanging above your hard disk that monitors read and write actions.

An antivirus solution works the same, this could cause a collision between SWV and any other AV Solution.

SWV has something build in to circumvent this;

SVS + Thinapp

 Hi everybody.

I have used SVS for years now, especially in association with Vmware ThinApp.

User Picture not Available!

SWV 64 Bit Edition

What about the 64Bit Edition of SWV?

All New SWV Tutorial(s)

This will be an ever growing list of Tutorials based on SWV, any help will be appreciated, just contact me.

AAConsole (SWV Edition)

It happened, it started!

Ten SVS Tutorials [updated]

These are Ten (10) tutorials about SVS. Yes there are 10 now. They will show you how SVS works, and what benefits you'll have from it. Keep an eye on this thread as there are Tutorials added frequently!

New: SWV 6.1.5114 & Download

This article contains a list of the issues fixed in this maintenence pack.

New: (Portable) Slim Layer Exporter V1.4

Quickly export many Layers from a machine in a single click with any compression you like.
Ans also portable to, what are the odds :)

Symantec Workspace Virtualization 6.1 SP1 Release Notes & Download

Build number 6.1.5104

Symantec Workspace Virtualization was previously released as Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™.

VSA: Mozilla Firefox v3.5

Firefox 3.5 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past year.

Read on...

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